Makeover Tips

Even if you don’t hire a professional to help you, there are things you can do to improve the loShould Have been hereok of your landscape. 

Consider eliminating lots of little pots and using just one large pot with one striking plant.  Or think about letting a clipped hedge grow naturally and imagine how it would change the look. To add color in your garden, look beyond  flowers and consider shrubs or annuals and perennials with beautiful leaves.

If your grass isn’t growing beneath a tree (grass needs sun everyone, there’s no way around it) consider alternatives such as hardscaping, ground cover for shade or just some neat mulch.  And don’t live with struggling plants….pull them out!  Even a bare spot, mulched, looks better than something scrawny and weak. 

If you don’t know why a plant isn’t thriving, give me a call and I can help you by recommending plants that will grow in your conditions.