McCue Garden Makeovers

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Created by Cheryl McCue, McCue Garden Makeovers specializes in taking your tired, spent garden and creating an oasis for you and your family. We come to your home, tour your site and give you suggestions for a beautiful new green space.

From Cheryl:

When I moved to Dallas in 1980 from Ohio (by way of Massachusetts and Buffalo, NY, my birthplace) I couldn’t understand why most everything I planted in our new home struggled and died.  I was painfully unaware of the difference in gardening in North Central Texas from what I was used to.  I began to read, observe, take classes and generally experiment until I learned how to deal with our native soil and our unpredictable, and often extreme, climate.

What started as a hobby to solve the problems of our landscape became a passion.  In 2007 I enrolled in the Master Gardener School sponsored by Texas A & M AgriLife Extension, began doing volunteer work with the program and earned my certification as a Certified Master Gardener.

My passion and my education led me to helping people to work with our climate and growing conditions to improve the look of their landscape to reflect their personal taste and get the most enjoyment out of their gardens.

Everyone’s gardens change over time.  Trees grow and decrease the amount of light a garden receives.  Neighbors make changes to their landscaping or their homes that affect your garden or your view. Playground areas that are no longer used can evolve into perfect areas for evening entertainment.  Plants and flowers that appealed to you years ago no longer seem interesting or have over grown their space. And now, we need to consider being even more efficient about our use of water and planting appropriate plants in our gardens.

An objective opinion from a person knowledgeable in landscape design and horticulture can help you view your garden from another perspective and to see its potential – whether you are an experienced gardener, a novice or do not consider yourself a gardener at all!

For more information on how I can help you improve your existing landscape or create the garden of your dreams, call or email me.  Luckily for us, garden planning and planting can happen any time of the year in North Texas.

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