Summer 2013

Oak leaf hydrangeaI have had some very interesting client projects this last year.  One homeowner had a large patch of bare dirt where a swing set had been for his now too-old-to-use it children.  It was a blank slate — and his requirements were virtually no pruning or fussing!  I recommended plants that would do well with low watering once established, and required no additional care.  It started as just this one project, then turned into a redo of many parts of his yard.  What fun.

Another project this spring was taking a homeowner’s beautiful front yard filled with hydrangeas, hostas, clematis and plox — all lovely but a bit messy and in need of evergreens for something to look at in the winter. I recommended the addition of some impressive evergreens for shade and a lovely grass for sun so her front yard won’t just be bare mulch this winter!  It’s tricky to plant among established plants, but they homeowners did it themselves according to the plan I gave them and it is truly beautiful.  Check back for  some before and after pics.

If you are contemplating making changes to your landscape, please remember that McCue Garden Makeovers can help decide what to do and when to do it.

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