On-Site Consultation:

An on-site consultation with you in your garden allows me to listen to your needs and suggest solutions to meet your goals for new planting areas or existing planting areas.  The consultation will include:

  • Recommendations to move, replace or add new plants, flowers, shrubs and/or trees
  • Suggesting ways to maximize the beauty of existing trees, shrubs and flowers with shaping or pruning
  • Assessing non-plant features (decks, patios, paths, water features) and how they interact visually with the garden, your home and with your lifestyle
  • Assisting you in prioritizing garden improvements and recommending easy seasonal adjustments that can keep your garden fresh
  • Providing advice to maintain plant health or to solve plant health issues

$75/hour, minimum 2 hours for new clients

Additional Services

Detailed Plan:  If your needs are more complicated than what can be accomplished in a 2-hour on-site visit, I can research options for you and sketch a simple plan.  A second visit will be necessary to discuss the recommendations.  At our initial meeting, we can discuss whether this next step is necessary and about how much time it will take.

$75/hour (no minimum for consultation clients)

Plant Shopping:  If desired, shopping with you to look at plants creates an opportunity to learn more about plants and flowers that are appropriate for your garden. And it’s fun!

$75/hour (no minimum for consultation clients)

Seasonal Consultation: Many clients want me to assess their gardens several times a year:  early spring, summer and fall.  This enables me to review improvements, suggest additional changes and advise you of seasonal maintenance issues.

$75/hour (no minimum for consultation clients)

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